Strange Ancient Secrets To Heal Your 7 Chakras
How To Experience Greater Balance, Higher Energy and More Harmony (Even if you're a beginner)
You will learn . . .
  • How life obstacles or challenges can often be traced to stuck or blocked energy (and what you can do about it).
  • The 3 Powerful Factors that lead to a really smooth and joyful Chakra activation. 
  • How this 21 Day Process can work for anyone (including children), resulting in greater clarity, alignment and balance.
  • Bonus training: 4 simple but powerful Root chakra balancing techniques for greater abundance and flow. 
Aditya Jaykumar is the host and founder of the top ranked podcast, My Seven Chakras, which has received over 2.2 Million downloads worldwide with listeners in over 150 countries.

Aditya's mission is to empower people around the world with the knowledge and wisdom of the subtle energy systems such as the Chakras, the Aura and the meridians, so that they can take control of their lives and truly experience the feeling of being alive!

His belief is that Chakra work must be simple, fun, exciting and actionable.